3 minutes with tiktoker Imsha rehman

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    Imsha rehman @imsha_19 is a rising tiktoker, who was born & raised in Abbottabad but basically she’s from Gilgit.

    Showbiz Pakistan had her for 3 minutes and asked her few questions.

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    1- What motivates you in life?

    The thing that motivates me is that I should come with creative ideas to improve something, to make something new

    2-Do you earn from tiktok? If so then how much?

    Well,No i don’t earn from tiktok

    3- When and how did you started making tiktok videos?

    It’s been 1 month on tiktok and one of my friend suggested to start tiktok

    4- How many views and likes did you get on your first video?

    On my first video I get 985.3k views and 107.2k likes

    5- Who is your favourite TikToker? Name 1 boy and 1 Girl.

    My favorite tiktoker is Kanwal aftab Hammad khan.

    7- What do you want to say to your fans?

    I want to say my fans that stop hating spread love and you can change the world just by being warm

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