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Jannat Mirza VS Waqar Zaka

Jannat Mirza hits with another controversy

This time Jannat Mirza and Waqar Zaka got into a dialogue war. Jannat Mirza was already facing controversies after she surpassed 10M followers on...

Jannat Mirza Just Hit Another Milestone On TikTok

Jannat Mirza is quite famous and known name in Pakistan. If you live in Pakistan then you must be well-aware of her. She is...
Jannat Mirza

TikTok star Jannat Mirza Signing Off

Beyond a doubt, Pakistani most popular TikTok star Jannat Mirza, having a massive fan following 8.4M, is signing off from the TikTok App suddenly,...

Jannat Mirza Speaks Up About Her Fake Leaked Pictures!

Jannat Mirza, a name recognized by many. A TikTok star with great potential and over 7.5 million followers that watch her videos religiously. She...
Jannat Mirza's debut song is trending on YouTube.

Jannat Mirza’s debut song is trending #1 on YouTube

The Tik Toker, Jannat Mirza made her acting debut alongside Ali Josh, presented by singer Bilal Saeed and sung by Sarmad Qadeer. The song titled...

Bilal Saeed to release New Music Video with Tik Tok Star Jannat Mirza

Tik Tok Star Jannat Mirza will appear with actor Ali Josh. It’s the first time Jannat Mirza is appearing in any Music Video. Before...

TikTok Masala! The Nadeem Naniwala scandal!

TikTok! A word that makes some people furious to an extent while others think of it as their main source of entertainment. This time...
Adil Rajput death

Famous Tiktoker Adil Rajput staged his death: True or not?

Tiktokers always make blunders to attract their audience, but this time, it became severe. TikToker Adil Rajput did actually died in an accident, or...