“Ayesha”: A perfect web series about Women Empowerment

"Ayesha": A perfect web series about Women Empowerment

Everyone in this age just started switching to digital media from televisions nowadays. The trend started with the promotions of various platforms like Netflix and amazon prime. Reasons behind this are mainly content. Good meaningful content is all everyone wants to watch.

So if anyone is getting bored in quarantine. So here is the new exciting web series “Ayesha” which is about women empowerment.

Ayesha is basically a story of a monotonous routine of a housewife, as the majority of people are in Pakistan. A woman who is a wife, and a mother majorly while she is a cook, cleaner and manager of the house.

The web series is initiated with a significant cause of calcium awareness for all those ladies who neglect or forget themselves by serving their families all alone.

Ayesha’s role is played by immensely talented poet and actress, Yasra Rizvi. Sarmad Khoosat is playing Ayesha’s husband while Shees Sajjad, Mere Pass Tum Ho famed kid is playing his character as Ayesha’s child.

Yasra Rizvi is one of the most influential celebrities in Pakistani showbiz. From her acting to writing and even her lifestyle, she has ended up inspiring a lot of women.

Taking to her Instagram, Yasra wrote, “cheers to the internet,” celebrating the era of “free speech “.


Laura took advantage of being an artist. She wrote the content for the video, made that video, uploaded it on social media accounts, and brought live feedback from the viewers. The feedback helps them learn and grow wisely.

What do you think about this new web series?