Catching up with recyclefashion creator of insta -suzannesuzs

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The TikTok Star Sumaiya aka Suzanne is a talented girl, born in UAE. She is a fabulous actor and talented dancer with a great number of followers on TikTok. People are attracted to her beauty. Her fans are in love with her eyes and smile.


In conversation with us, we asked Suzanne to tell about herself.

She answered, “Suzanne is the name given to me by my khala as since childhood I had this craze of acting and dancing in front of the mirror on my fab song back then from Kabhi Khushi Kabhi gum ( kehdo na Keh do na you are my sohniya) but my real name is sumaiya… I have completed my bachelors i.e BBA in operational management, was born in the United Arab Emirates and lived there all life, education was from Indian school and university so since 3 months in Pakistan I rarely talk here because of my Hindi accent people find it rude and funny and then start to ask me 1000 questions, I am a very talkative yet silent person and I don’t do anything with a plan I just take decisions you can see Mr bean in me at times or I go to directly be rude as a triumph.

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A very emotional person I don’t give up on anything easily… but if I do nothing can make me come back to the point to give it one last shot. I don’t believe in having a lot of money but I believe in having contacts. Relations feelings loved ones mean a lot to me rather than materialistic tangibles. I am a very straight forward person which people at 4times consider rude because I really cannot keep my mouth shut. I love animals my mom is already fed up with my obsession with them… and her fav dialogue for me is sumii I am tired of you and your cats hahaha”

SP: When you start making TikTok videos what’s the initial response that you get from your parents and from people?

Suzanne: Parents are cool with it as I am mature and old enough to make my own decisions.. people come from various parts of the world with different natures so the response was a mix but overall positive.

Catching up with recyclefashion creator of insta -suzannesuzs

SP: What do you like doing in your spare time?

Suzanne: Dress up and binge watch cats and dogs.

SP: Who is your celebrity crush?

Suzanne: Well I don’t really have any celebrity crush but if you ask who I look up to when it comes to acting then for sure it would be Shahrukh khan.

SP: Are you single?

Suzanne: Yes

SP: How would someone get your special attention?

Suzanne: By being themselves and resoecting their own image/ worth & value.

Catching up with recyclefashion creator of insta -suzannesuzs

SP: What’s your annoying habit?

Suzanne: I tend to over think and mess up alot.

SP: Who is your inspiration?

Suzanne: I am my own inspiration.. you actually learn from yourself .. you are your own critic and hero so I look back at the old me and now and compare every day self-validation and accountability to yourself is needed but yes should be done positively rather than stressing on being perfect because that’s not rational.

SP: What would you like remembered about you?

Suzanne: For being who i am unapologetically honest and ordinary.

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  1. She is my all time favourite person I have ever seen on internet, innocent face and cheeky smile is the reason of watching and following Sumaiya, Keep spreading love and positive energy always like this.
    Lots of Love from Pakistan


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