Ducky bhai made a video against Mangobaaz

Ducky bhai
Ducky bhai made a video against Mangobaaz

The YouTuber of the year by PISA 2020 Ducky Bhai, he made videos while gaming and talk in the background. He is mostly known for his great skill of roasting and this time it was “Mangobaaz” turn.

Long story short, Ducky Bhai in his video put BTS picture for one second on the word “Coronavirus” so this triggered BTSArmy but later he apologized on twitter, and everything nearly settled down between him and ARMY. He also uploaded a video with the title “My Response To Pakistani BTS ARMY !!! where he firstly apologize and then Baaammm trolled Mangobaaz.

But what Mangobaaz did was full phopo wali harkatein “making a mountain out of a molehill” by publishing an article.

Ducky bhai made a video against Mangobaaz

According to Ducky bhai he called the editor of mangobaaz and told him that they are exaggerating and the article is totally manipulated please put it down cause the matter is already solved. He further said in his video that he requested again and again but they didn’t put it down cause they got enormous likes on that post.

Ducky bhai made a video against Mangobaaz
The mangobaaz guy with whom he talked

He said that they write manipulated articles on trending people just to get likes and views. So, he hilariously collection some “charity for clicks” for THE MANGOBAAZ GUY.

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