Hareem Shah’s father reacts to her controversies


TikTok star Hareem Shah’s father Zarrar Hussain Shah surfaced a video message recently. In which he was in tears. While starting his video with an apology to all his relatives and friends. Shah’s father said that he is short of words to describe his feelings over his daughter’s controversies and scandals.

Talking about Hareem, he shared, “I gave her the best religious education possible. I did everything I could as a father, but she I regret to say has failed me. She is an Aalima herself.”

Zarrar went on, “I am bound by the religious and national laws and regulations and are trying to bring Hareem back on the right track. Other than this, I have no authority in this world.”

Hareem, whose original name is Fiza Hussain, is famously known for her contentious TikTok videos that she uploads under her screen name Hareem Shah.

A part of a video also released by Hareem Shah’s official account. “I request media and public not to involve my family in these matters, and don’t share my personal information.”



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