In conversation with the 17 year old viral sensation, Nimra Ali

In conversation with Nimra Ali
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By now, each and everyone of you would know who Nimra Ali is! If not all, most of you would know about the Lahori chatterbox that went viral for her interview with City 42 News. Ms. Ali is the 17 year old from the Punjab region that blew up the internet for her bubbly and fun personality, she is the fun loving person that just loves to talk, talk, and talk! 😀

She has now been recognized by many and even got the chance to sit with Nida Yasir and show off her acting skills in front of thousands of people that watch her Morning show on Hum TV. And the audience just loves how fun and lively she is!

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In conversation with Nimra Ali

In conversation with the viral sensation!

Nimra made some time for us in the midst of her busy schedule and gave us a one on one about some of the questions we asked her sbout her life and ongoing matters. Keep reading to learn more about the young beauty.

In conversation with the 17 year old viral sensation, Nimra Ali
Nimra Ali for Good Morning Pakistan!

Q1) Where are you from?

A pretty basic start for an interview but Nimra told us that she is a resident of the Shahi Qila city “Lahore”. A glimpse of Minar e Pakistan is what everyone loves when they visit it!

Q2) How do you feel about all the fame you’re getting?

Nimra told us that she feels really good about people being able to recongnize her now.

in conversation with Nimra Ali

Q3) Who is yout favourite actor and actress?

The 17 year old told us that her favourite actor was Humayun Saeed and the actress that she loves is Yumna Zaidi!

Q4) Do you watch Ertugrul? Did you like it?

Unfortunately, the young girl does not watch the most famous series all around the world right now 🙁

Q5) How did you like Karachi and its people?

Nimra Ali said that everyone in Karachi was very lovely and she enjoyed a lot here!

Q6) How would you describe your personality?

Nimra decsribed herself as quite a jovial person, as we all could see in her interviews on TV. She loves to be happy and bubbly.

Q7) What are your hobbies?

Nimra told her that her hobby is to laugh! Quite a unique one we tell you. The girl is a breathe of fresh air everywhere she is seen!

Q8) What is your weakness?

While in conversation with SP, she told us that her family would be her one and only weakness.

Q9) Your thoughts on the TikTok ban?

Nimra told us that she thinks the ban on the entertainment app was completely unnecessary! And it was not a good move.

And last but not the least….

Q10) Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Nimra told us that she reallyl does not see herself anywhere, she just wants that whatever happens is good for her well being!

In conversation with the 17 year old viral sensation, Nimra Ali

And that was it for our session with the chatterbox Nimra Ali! We loved her. Did you?

Let us know what you think about her in the comments! Also follow us on instagram and become a part of the SP Family!

Until next time xx

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