Interview of dr Abby Butt nutrition

Are you sad and anxious about all the extra fat on your body? Do excercises and intermittent fasting never help you loose weight? No need to worry as the wonder weight magician based in Lahore is here to help you transform your FLAB in to FAB

Muhammad Asadullah Butt or Abby Butt from the city of Lahore is literally a magician who can help you get rid of your stubborn bits with his A1 diet and workout plans. Butt, with 12 years of experience as a nutritionist works as a celebrity fitness trainer and dietician who helps people through wonderous transformations. A certified trainer from UK and USA, you will not be dissapointed with what Asadullah has to offer with his meal and diet plans. With a PhD in nutrition he helps people feel more comfortable and confident about their bodies and overall physical appearance.

Let’s learn what more he has to say about his nutritionist journey!

Q1: What made you decide on a career in nutrition?

A1: Asadullah told us that what drove him to become a nutritionist was the lack of knowledge people have regarding the topic in Pakistan. No one really knows how to properly manage and balance their diets to look their best and he wanted to help the people.

Q2:What credentials do you hold?

A2: Butt holds 3 degrees which are:

  • A PhD in Nutrition and Metabolism.
  • CPD certified trianer and Nutritionist.
  • ISSA certified Master Trianer.
    Q3:What aspects of nutrition do you feel are most important to address when consulting with clients?

  • A3: While in conversation about the clients consultation, Asadullah mainly focuses on the body type his clients hold and if they have any type of medical condition that runs in their family. The meal and diet plans and then prepared for them accordingly.

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