Fatima sohail fake video goes viral


A video is being shared on whatsapp groups allegedly targeting Fatima Sohail for being with another man. Fatima Sohail is being targeted right after just announced her new project, ‘Something Big Is Coming’ on her instagram account.While internet users without authenticity of the video are spreading the video, trying to make a her controversial before the launch of her new career

Fatima sohail fake video goes viral

We contacted fatima regarding this, she confirmed someone is misusing her name.

She replied us with

Thankyou for your concerning message & Support! This means a lot to me.
The lady in video does not even resemble me but as my name was taken, I took a legal action & reported in cybercrime for falsely using my name. As per FIA forensic report, it is confirmed that this person is some one else. It’s a little confusing as such false video is trending now. Again Thankyou for letting me know. It is due to support like yours I am able to get back irrespective of such harsh circumstances JazakAllah
Stay blessed

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