Oh God! Alizey fatima and Feroze Khan are getting divorced??

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Relationship breakups and divorces are becoming very common these days. As our drama industry increasingly portrays the concept of divorces, which is affecting our cultural norms and values. It does not mean that if two people are not compatible, they should continue the toxic relationship. If people decide to take divorce, it is not always because one partner is cheating on the other, which is what we are watching in Pakistani dramas. So God Forbid, if someone heard about the divorce, the first thought people have is that.

Let’s see what is going on in the drama industry. There was a hot topic about the divorce of Shehroz – Saira . Then there was a rumor about urwa and Farhan .

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Rumors about Feroze Khan and Alizey Sultan’s separation have been spread like wildfire on social media. Feroze and Alizey were happily married in 2018 and were blessed with a baby boy named Sultan last year. Their marriage was the most talked wedding of the showbiz industry. The beautiful couple spent a quality and sweet time together and posted the happy moments of life on Instagram accounts.

Feroze Khan is the dashing actor of the Pakistani television industry. He started his career as a video jockey and became well-known and decent actor.
What is the main reason behind the trouble of their relationship? 

Oh God! Alizey fatima and Feroze Khan are getting divorced??

 It is said by one of the media sources that Hania Amir is being considered as the mainstream cause behind the whole issue of divorce. According to them Hania and Feroze khan are good friends and they got fame after the drama Ishqya. The chemistry of both actors on the screen was on fire, and got too much fame by the public. As Alizey do not belong to showbiz background, so the relationship between the star and Co-star was not considered normal for her. It is reported that Alizey Sultan read some chat and left him.

On the top of all rumors, Alizey’s Instagram account name has been changed to Alizey Sultan from Alizey Feroze. Feroze Khan had un-followed Alizey and her family on Instagram, which was an alarming and attention seeking act for public. After that Alizey also deactivated the account.

Why Did Alizey Sultan Unfollow Feroze Khan, Humaima and Dua Malik on Instagram?

When she activated her Instagram account she posted a picture with her son and captioned it,
“I asked god to send me man who will always protect and love me, so he granted me a Son.”
As every story has many sides to it, some other sources reported Alizey got married the Feroze Khan for fame and money. She was stubborn and many times she misbehaves with Feroze Khan and his family.
After meeting the religious scholar Feroze khan’s announced to transform his journey towards Allah and Good Bye the Showbiz World. However, it could be a reason behind the divorce.
We are reporting the information we got. But then again, our sympathy with this couple and we are hoping that this separating news of Feroze Khan And Alizey will not true.  

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