Pakistan is a friendly country : Randi Zuckerberg


Randi Zuckerberg , Sister of Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg has Described Pakistan

as one of the Friendliest countries on the Final day of AdAsia 2019.

During her session, Zuckerberg was all Praises for the country and the women it had Produced. Pakistan has given us women such as Malala Yousafzai and Benazir Bhutto, she said. This shows that Pakistan is a country that Really

Honours its Women.

Zuckerberg also revealed she was a Fan of cricket and said she was surprised to find out Pakistan was the Preferred country when it came to Producing Soccer Balls.

Randi said after Graduating 🎓 from Harvard she went from California to New York to work at an Advertisement Agency. Later she got a Call from my Brother Mark, imploring me to come Back to Silicon Valley to Help him with Marketing, she shared.

The 37 year old added the invitation meant Working with family and for Free and she was not

Prepared to do that. I went to California with the intention of staying there for a week. But when I saw these youngsters #Locked in a Room Day & Night, Eating cupcakes, it was overwhelming. They had the idea of Connecting People. They were Locked in Hukapan where they worked Tirelessly and kept to Themselves Only, she said.

Instead of a week, I ended up #Staying for 10 years, she said.

When we Started, we were a 12 Member team. Today, Facebook has 102 Offices with thousands of employees. As the chief marketing officer of Facebook, my budget was nothing. You have to work on a Passion Project, Exploring it Day and Night, Zuckerberg shared.

Zuckerberg said after a thumping success, she #Left Facebook and many People wondered why she had left. I had a very complicated Relationship with Facebook. I did not want to be the only woman in the Silicon Valley setup. I wanted to do Something for Women.

Randi who now #Serves as the CEO of Zuckerberg Media added it is not necessary that every new idea will be accepted. It could be a flop as well. Today everything is media and it is now time to invest in video. We need to control its use. None of us would change the world if we constantly remain glued to our Phones. she added.

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