Recurrent & Extended Load Shedding Creating A Fuss Amongst Karachiites

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The summers is showing its true colors with the help of scorching suns like always in Karachi. Load Shedding is the only thing that Karachiites would want in this atmosphere along with this ongoing pandemic. But you never know what’s about to happen and now load shedding is in full swings in Karachi. Due to which everyone is going crazy.

load shedding
Karachi Nowadays

With the weather’s humidity and all the people bearing sizzling summers in Karachi, this load shedding is unbearable for all of them. Due to which some protests were also held and virtually everyone’s anger was on the next level. Which is justified we guess.

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Tweets Over Load Shedding:

Twitter was literally exploding with so many disappointments and questions raised by Karachiites. Some of them are mentioned below.

Some of them were really furious over severe load shedding and tons of electric bills.

Some of them directly asked KElectric questions.

For some of them load shedding is clearing getting on nerves.

Some of them just couldn’t handle it.

Some of them were so furious that they were cursing.

And more complains!

And also most of them were raising the points on sudden increase in the electric bills with their experiences and questions.

We personally think that this time altogether is very tough and K Electric shouldn’t make it more worse for the public. What are your opinions over this?

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