Sheikh Rasheed Video Call With Sandal Khattak, Hareem Shah


Pakistani TikTok star Hareem Shan & Sandal Khattak knows well to remain in limelight. Famous for her viral videos featuring politicians has become an easy peas thing for her.

Recently a short video of federal minister Sheikh Rasheed with Tiktok star Sandal Khattak and Hareem Shah circulated on social media and getting viral as “Sheikh Rasheed video call to Hareem Shah, Sandal Khattak video scandal”. The half minute long video shows Sheikh Rasheed with Sandal Khattak and Hareem Shah on a video call and a Bollywood song was being played in the background. Watch the video of Sheikh Rasheed with Sandal Khattak, below.

The video further shows that Hareem Shah is talking vulgar with Sheikh Rasheed. It seems that video was recorded by another camera while Sheikh Rasheed is talking with Sandal Khattak on a video call.

However, this latest development has sparked a debate on social media:

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