“The defender of Quran” in Norway


A Racist org in Norway tried to burn the Holy Quran in the public while others were watching this guy just jump over the safety fence and saved the holy Quran from burning while the police trashed him to the ground.

"The defender of Quran" in Norway

Muslims from all across the world demanding to hang whoever tried to burn our HOLY BOOK QURAN KAREEM.

Everyone is just supporting this guy with hashtag trending on twitter #RealHeroOfMuslimUmmah.

Here is the reaction of people over this shameful act:

One user said :

A blasphemous org in #Norway burnt the Holy Quran. Dignified Muslims present, climbed over the safety fence and tried to protect the honor of Islam!
They were immediately thrashed to the ground by the police.
Sharia must be implemented to protect the Ummah frm these terrorists!

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