TikTok Masala! The Nadeem Naniwala scandal!

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TikTok! A word that makes some people furious to an extent while others think of it as their main source of entertainment. This time for TikTok Masala we have another scandal for you which revolves around non other than Nadeem Naniwala or Nadeem Mubarak, the Iphone gifter!

TikTok Masala

TikTok Masala! The Nadeem Mubarak fiasco!

Each and every month mostly, we see one or the other TikToker getting involved in a controversy. May it be a girl or a boy, no one is safe from a scandal in the media world. This time it was Nadeem Mubarak. Nadeem, a Lahori descent is famous on the video sharing app for giving away free Iphones to his followers and fans. He is well loved amongst the TikTok community and has over 780k+ followers on Instagram.

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TikTok Masala! The Nadeem Naniwala scandal!

A video of Nadeem was leaked recently which showed him sharing a bed with an unknown lady who is said to be his “wife”. Watch the video for yourselves below!

Another comedic TikToker named “Sabzi Wala” spoke on this TikTok Masala, tired from receiveing the video on and on over his social media platforms, saying that this is a matter between Nadeem and his wife who were trying to use a new snapchat filter and accidently ended up leaking their perosnal video.


Hamen video Kyon send kar rahe ho

♬ original sound – ?Sabzi?wala?

What do you guys think about this matter? Let us know!

TikTok Masala! The Nadeem Naniwala scandal!

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