Who is TikToker HESHWA NIAZI? Exclusive Interview

Heshwa Niazi
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Pretty TikToker Heshwa Niazi is a lovely person who loves everything. She is a talented fashion blogger. She has a humble personality, full of liveliness and happiness. She is a talented Pakistani TikToker with a great number of followers on TikTok and Instagram. Her fans are obsessed with her cuteness.

Heshwa Niazi

In conversation with us, we ask Heshwa Niazi to tell about herself

She answered by telling us that she is studying IT and she loves making TikTok Video in her free time. She added, “That’s all I can say for now.”

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SP: How would you describe yourself in 2-3 words.

Heshwa Niazi: StraightForward and Honest.

SP: What motivates you?

Heshwa Niazi: My Haters 😁

SP: What’s your quarantine routine.

Heshwa Niazi: Actually there is no routine. I love to have a routine. Like I wake up and I want to have a routine but there’s no routine. I just have to wake up and wait for iftaar. That’s all.

SP: Are you obsessed with yourself?

Heshwa Niazi: I am not obsessed with myself but yeah everyone needs to love himself and I love myself.

Heshwa Niazi

SP: How come you choose a platform that the internet loves to troll?

Heshwa Niazi: I think when I choose TikTok I didn’t know about trolling, I was like there are people who show their talent. They gonna do acting or something, then I get aware of the trolling part. Then now I am trying with it, At first, I was not fine with it. Now I don’t care about it like it’s normal for me.

SP: Is dealing with troll part of job?

Heshwa Niazi: No, I don’t agree that this is a part of my job. But yeah people gonna troll you for whatever you do. You are wearing anything, you are doing anything. Now I say it’s a normal thing for me because in the end people also gonna say you something negative.

SP: Do you face criticism on being bold?

Heshwa Niazi: Yeah, but it’s okay. People are not gonna like you. No matter what you do. In my life I always like to be different, I don’t like to be the person the people want me to be.


SP: Are you thinking about taking tiktok as profession?

Heshwa: Profession is something that pays you, TikTok doesn’t pay you. So I wouldn’t say that I am gonna take it as a profession, Profession is a job or something that gonna pay you. But TikTok don’t pay you, It’s just you make video in your free time.

SP: What are your hobbies?

Heshwa: I like cooking. I like listening to music, dancing, reading books.

SP: What message you want to give to youngsters who want to take TikTok as a profession?

Heshwa: I want to say please guys first study. TikTok is something like its not forever, its not gonna pay you. You cannot say that this app would be forever maybe one day it’s banned in Pakistan. So if you take this at as a profession then you become a jobless. If you are free you can use it for fun, but please don’t take it seriously it’s just an app.

SP: How can you describe Tik tok fame in one word?

Heshwa: Temporary. Tik Tok is not forever, Tik Tok fame is not forever. In one video you get popular and people gonna love you. In the same way, they hate one video then they are gonna hate you. So it’s not forever, it’s just for some time.

Heshwa Niazi

SP: Who’s your Favourite Actor?

Heshwa: He’s always Shahrukh Khan. He’s my inspiration. He is my love. I wish I were born in 90’s and he would marry me. But unfortunately I have born in wrong generation.

Fan’s Question for Heshwa Niazi

Do you like Areeka or Romaisa? Who is more talented?

Heshwa: I think both are good, because they are in a big place. People love them, but when it cames to talent Romaisa is more talented.

How do you get so bold, whilst the negativity showed by people?

Heshwa: Actually I just don’t care. I never care about people, I do what I like. I never ask people that are you gonna like this if I do. I just do it. If they like it It’s good and if they don’t like it I don’t care. Like it’s not my business.


How do you feel when people admire you?

Heshwa: Amazing. Who doesn’t feel good? Like every girl feel good when people admire them and love them.

Message to Heshwa’s fans.

I just wanna say to my fans that in this quarantine, there are animals outside who don’t have any food or water. So if you have any food leftover, put outside your home so they can also eat. Because all the restraunts and shops are closed. And Keep loving me. Keep supporting me. And thanks for your love and supoort always.

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