Drama Serial “Prem Gali” First Impression

Prem Gali first episode

Long-awaited “Prem Gali” is finally airing on ARY digital, a rom-com whose first teaser spread as wildfire has now gotten an overwhelming response from Pakistani drama lovers.

Drama Serial "Prem Gali" First Impression

A Six Sigma Plus production, written by prominent screenwriter Faiza Iftikhar, and directed by Qasim Ali Mureed. Prem Galli is a drama serial that’ll surely attract all kinds of audiences because of its versatility.

Prem gali writer faiza Iftikhar Prem gali director Qasim Ali Mureed

The drama serial is casting most famous & loved names of Pakistani drama industry like Farhan Saeed, Sohai Ali Abro, Qavi Khan, Saba Hameed, and Waseem Abbas. This collaboration is bringing guaranteed entertainment for the viewers.

Drama Serial "Prem Gali" First Impression

The story of this drama serial is something that the Pakistani audience is starving for, a romantic comedy that will be a great enjoyment to watch. The story is based on two lovers who live in a traditional Pakistani neighborhood with the most interesting characters on the planet. Will this be a successful love story? this is what the drama serial is about.

“Prem Gali” first impression

The first episode of the drama serial was undoubtedly a perfect introduction to the characters, plot, and genre moreover it was so engaging that the audience is eagerly waiting for the upcoming episodes.

prem gali drama serial aired first episode

It started in a traditional Pakistani neighborhood where arrived new lodgers in a landlady’s house, a family of four men headed by a bold old man. Shortly after they arrived in “Prem Gali” the youngest one of the family espied a girl of the neighborhood and fell in love with her at first sight surprisingly the girl soon started to notice the boy but what happens next is to be seen in the upcoming episode.

Drama Serial "Prem Gali" First Impression

After the first episode of the drama was aired many showbiz stars appreciated the cast for their amazing work and wished them luck on twitter and other social media platforms.

While the audience was crazy about it, twitter was overrunning with tweets for “Prem Gali”, some appreciated the story, some loved the singing of Farhan Saeed, and some were predicting upcoming episodes.

Public response of Prem gali

This drama serial is humorous, sweet, and slightly suspenseful. What will come next? let’s watch.

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