Surprising snowfall in Ayubia after 100 years brings joy

Who thought a deadly virus could bring such amelioration within nature. The snowfall in Ayubia in May 2020 explains how the world could be without pollution. The last time this ravishing place in Abbottabad cover with sparkling ice during May was 100 years ago. That was the time when the mountains were under British colonial rule. Now, the May 2020 snowfall is assuring us that in the wage of pandemic nature is restoring itself.

snowfall in Ayubia

Snowfall in Ayubia is a sign!

The world was bearing high pollution in the name of developments since many years. Since the beginning of lockdown due to global crises of Covid-19, nature disclosing impressions of welcoming changes. Recently ozone layer was replenished with less pollution and more hope in the air. Now the snowfall in Ayubia is a sign that when this pandemic is end human beings might have a fresh restart to regain the less polluted environment and keep it safe from further destructions.