Top 5 Pakistani YouTubers

Our Youtube industry is growing immensely and why not? Our Youtubers are coming back-to-back with such creative and fascinating content. Pakistani Youtubers finally with its immense talent has broken the down fall of youtube industry and we can clearly see the bright future on Youtube. Day by day content creators are rising and we are proud of it.

Some of the top 5 Pakistani Youtubers which always come with the amazing idea and never fails to impress their subscribers are:

Taimoor Salahuddin:

Taimur Salahuddin as known as Mooroo has to be the best YouTuber of Pakistan. He not only makes amazing content on YouTube but he is a singer, writer, and whatnot. He often collabs with celebrities for his really intellectual and smooth humor skits. His content clearly shows his creativity and matureness. He might not have huge numbers of subscribers but he is the most loved one and that’s surely because of his tremendous humor.


Irfan Junejo:

Cameras, drones, cinematic shots, football and heavy bike- 80% of the content you are going to find on the Irfan Junejo’s YouTube channel covers the following topics. The amazing thing about his videos is the story plot, videography and the speech delivery. His choice of words is quite interesting, a perfect blend of humor with swag, which indulges the audience completely. And his mainline “scenes kuch aisay hain” is now a favorite phrase of our youth.

Top 5 Pakistani YouTubers
Irfan Junejo

Also, his instagram feed is full of cinematic shots which evidently shows his passion and love for photography or videography.

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Kitchen With Amna:

Amna is the first female YouTuber from Pakistan to get a golden play button. She has a large fan following on her YouTube channel because of her amazing food recipes. Since people have a keen interest in her life as well, so she has started vlogging which is appreciated by all in which you’ll mostly find her doing hauls of several things.

Top 5 Pakistani YouTubers

Qasim Ali Shah:

Qasim Ali Shah is a motivational speaker as well as talks on every topic which is important and which matters to people on his channel. He covers all the points from a philosophical point of view and help people grooming their mind and think in a simpler manner to avoid any negative thoughts and lead a straight and simple life. He mostly vocalize those topics which bring peace and intellectualness in students.

Top 5 Pakistani YouTubers
‘Qasim Ali Shah

Raza Somo:

Raza somo is one of the most famous and relatable Youtubers of Pakistan. He usually opts for the comic genre. He is best known as a member of the KhujLee Family. His story of belonging from Larkana and a middle-class family than dropping out of university in his 7th semester to making up to one of the best content creators is quite inspiring.

Top 5 Pakistani YouTubers
Raza Somo

Do tell us which one is your favorite among the ones mentioned above?