Hamza Ali Abbasi Vs Shahroz Sabzwari Over Religion Debate

Hamza Ali Abbasi is very active on twitter. He never steps back to keep his thoughts to himself no matter what. He is the most straight forward actor you will ever see. But now Hamza Ali Abbasi clearly wants to promote Islam in the best and right way. He even quitted the film industry and would only sign for those movies that promote Islam.

Recently, the actor shared his thoughts on Twitter of how we just need a good teacher just to guide QURAN and no Imam, Mrshad, or Messiah. He tweeted:


Shahroz Sabzwari’s Response Over Hamza Ali Abbasi’s Tweet:

But this time or you may say like always there are few people who doesn’t relate with him. And this time it’s Shahroz Sabzwari! He just couldn’t get this tweet of Hamza and shared his point of view through Instagram story saying:

hamza ali abbasi
Shahroz Sabwari’s thought