What Iqra Aziz Says About Celebrities Breakup

Iqra Aziz, in a recent interview, revealed many basic facts about marriage.

She said,The basic requirements for a husband and wife must be met by the person with whom you are settling, that is, if you are married. Like in a marriage love is short-lived but respect in this relationship. Respect is the vital key to a successful marriage.

If an individual in coupe gets that respect, the marriage surely lasts longer and forever. Don’t think that you will get firm love of the late 40s or 50s just immediately after the marriage. There is no doubt, that one will get that love later but the feeling for a new relationship is different and after marriage it’s different. They change, you change, and the family grows when you have the kid. You have the responsibilities. Above all, your priorities change. Everything is entirely changed. Then comes your companionship. There arises mutual respect between the couples. You now think of a parent, a wife, or a husband. You do task together”.