The secret bride. Is Minal Khan tying the knot?

the secret bride
We have seen that Minal Khan and Ahsan Mohsin Ikram have sparked romance rumors in the past few days. Both have been...

50 Crore, the desi Money Heist rip off!

the desi money heist
On 18th of October, several Lollywood actors and actresses started posting pictures of their mugshots and we saw Instagram posts of the...

The truth about Hania Amir’s perfect pout

Hania Amir has been making rounds on social media for quite a while now as all her recent post and stories showed...

5 Pakistani actresses that are Non Muslim

5 Pakistani Actresses that are non muslim
Table of Contents5 Pakistani actresses that are Non Muslim!1- Sunita Marshall2- Zoe Viccaji3- Nirmal Roy4- Benita David5- Rachel Viccaji

Yasir Hussain and Minal Khan starring together

Yasir Hussain with Minal Khan
Surprisingly, Yasir Hussain and Minal Khan are going to work together. The actors are never seen sharing...

New Couple Alert! Minal Khan And Ahsan Ikram Look Too Cute...

What more to expect from 2020? it seems like everyone in the showbiz industry is willing to get committed this year! Picture...

7 times we were stunned by Sadaf Sabzwari’s hotness

7 times we were stunned by Sadaf Sabzwari's hotness
Sadaf Sabzwari, previously known as Sadaf Kanwal is infamous for getting her bold pictures clicked at events or photoshoots. The actress/model does...

Sheheryar Munawar Revealed Shocking Reason For Being Inactive On Social Media

Sheheryar Munawar have been really in news and adored by his fans since he released his last movie "Paray Hut Love." His...

Actress Hiba Khan tied the knot

Hiba Khan
The selective showbiz actress finally selected her life partner. We all know Hiba Khan is very selective...

Nadia Jamil Criticized ‘Colonial Beauty Standards’

Nadia Jamil is one of the most popular and iconic actresses of the Pakistan showbiz industry. She has done some of the...