What would be the post Corona world?

What would be the post Corona world?
What would be the post Corona world?

Living quarantine life and facing a pandemic feel like a dream or a part of Hollywood movie waiting for the superhero to save the day. But sadly it’s a reality that COVID-19 is highly contagious that can spread through touch that’s why we’re practising social distancing and lockdown.

looking from a positive perceptive of lockdown is that people are getting closer getting with their family, ended up texting their lost old friend and their ex and trying to gain enhance their capabilities like cooking, gardening, painting and there’s lot more you can do to pass your time happily in your home but keeping away from the news is the more important thing to anticipate the stress.

what is going to happen when this pandemic ends or even partial lockdown? what will be the post corona effects on people and country?

The after-effects will remain with us for more than a year. The Pakistan economy was also on the verge of a break before the pandemic and now it is at its worst cause of the lockdown cause GDP is going to decline between 4.6%-9.5% in next 3 months, that will result in losing 5-10 billion dollars. The dollar rate is at the highest of 166.53 and stock markets are suffering too on the other end the digital market will rise cause of work from home is the only option.

Domestic violence is an increasing cause of man is home all-day and hitting their wives with an excuse of being a stressed cause of financial issues and no work. According to the recent study, 10.5 million people will lose their jobs immediately and 3-5 million will remain jobless for a long time, this will increase the strain of men and result in an increase in domestic violence and abuse. Children are vulnerable in crisis too, parents beating children never reported in Pakistan but obviously not everyone has family families some stay outside all day just to keep sane.

All of the sanitary cautions we are taking to escape from infecting virus can create OCD in people, some people will like to be in their homes and keeping social distancing cause of the fear that lasted in their minds. All of these gives rise to mental health issues all around the world. So better try to keep yourself away from news and keep busy in completing your todo list.

Slums, lower class and daily wagers are already ready to die because of hunger, they are more afraid of dying from hunger than coronavirus. The inflation rate can rise to minimun9.6% and maximum 16.1, in the end, God forbid we may face suicides in months, unfortunately.

According to researchers, after this pandemic, we will enter into a different world with different ways the world and people will not be the same in the end. Don’t worry there is also some positive side so don’t panic what we need to do is keeping distance, staying at home and be sanitized.