Salma Zafar went emotional on her live session on the fan page.

Salma Zafar went emotional on her live session on the fan page.
Salma Zafar went emotional on her live session on the fan page.
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Due to global pandemic COVID-19, the country is facing lots of crises. The lockdown was imposed by the respective governments of the provinces to prevent the spread of coronavirus. But due to this lockdown country is facing some giant dilemma. This lockdown is mainly affecting the economy of Pakistan.

Recently different actors are highlighting some of the issues facing by ordinary Pakistani due to this pandemic.

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Pakistani versatile legend actress Salma Zafar started her journey from stage drama comedian. Recently, the actress went live for her fans on her Facebook page, to highlight the problems of the lower middle class due to this pandemic.

Posted by Salma Zafar on Sunday, April 5, 2020

She also informed about her mother that she is not well, and ask for prayers from fans.

She becomes emotional when talking about the situation and shows anger to people who criticize showbiz’s people.

She also highlighted the issues of white-collar people. She highly condemned on a ritual of making pictures while helping others.

She also supports the Prime Minister’s decision regarding the complete lockdown in the country. He said this decision would mainly affect the daily life of lower-class individuals who are regularly earning for their families.

She also encourages people who are earning online and utilizing their talents and presenting it through different social media sites.

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