Why Pakistani Celebrities Are Jealous From Ertugrul?

The ever so controversial drama Ertugrul Ghazi has been aired in Pakistan for some time but it seems like the Ertugrul fever is not coming to end anytime soon. Talking about the drama there’s been an immense love and positive response shown by the audience to this show and not just to them but the cast as well. Pakistani viewers are legit obsessed with this drama and are adoring Ertgrul Ghazi’s cast like no other. But with love, there shall always comes a different opinions. And this time the one with different opinions team includes are Pakistani celebrities.

Turkish actors are receiving so much fame not just from the audience but from the Pakistani brands as well and this time it really triggered our Pakistani celebrities really well. Here are some of the many times we noticed and think why Pakistani celebrities are jealous of Ertugrul!

Ertugrul Airing On PTV:

PTV is Pakistan national channel and it represents the Pakistani drama industry. So, Ertugrul Ghazi being aired on PTV was a game-changer for most of the Pakistani celebrities as per them Pakistani channel should only cast and aired Pakistani dramas as there is no other platform that serves as a Pakistan national channel. Apart from that most of the Pakistani celebs take PTV as their home channel so that was the main issue.

Esra Bilgic Being Brand Ambassador of Pakistan:

Esra Bilgic also known as Halima Sultan is hired as a Pakistani brand ambassador which also the biggest reason for their jealousy towards Ertgrul Ghazi. Recently, two of the biggest brands of Pakistan which are Jazz and Q-mobile hired Esra Bilgic as their brand ambassador and this thing was quite indigestible especially for Yasir Hussain. According to him Pakistani brands should only take Pakistanis as a brand ambassadors and should not give a chance to any other throughout the world. no just Yasir Hussain Zhalay Sarhadi just said in an interview that: “Esra Bilgic being a brand ambassador is a slap to our faces.”

Turkish Dramas Brings Downfall in Pakistani Industry:

In a recent interview Minal Khan stated that Turkish dramas shouldn’t be released in Pakistan as our audience just goes towards them as a result it brings downfall in our industry. She also gave the example of times when Ishq-e-Mamnoon aired on Urdu TV and how everyone was just binge-watching it. So, this can also be the reason of the evident jealousy for our Pakistani Celebs.

Minal Khan

Do you guys think that the points raised by Pakistani celebrities are right? Yes or No whatever your point of view is please share it in the comments section.