Adnan Siddiqui ‘Derided’ Sarfaraz Ahmed And People Are Not Happy!

Adnan Siddiqui

Veteran on-screen character Adnan Siddiqui went under open examination after a video of him circulated around the web. The on-screen character was seen ridiculing Pakistani cricketer Sarfaraz Ahmed over his discourse hindrance, and netizens are not content with it.

With its new format, Fahad Mustafa’s well-known gameshow Jeeto Pakistan has been the center of much big-name movement generally. That, obviously, is in no little measure to its heavenly lineup of group commanders, for example, Adnan Siddiqui and cricketer Sarfaraz Ahmed, among others.

The two, who head the Lahore Captains and Quetta Knights groups separately on the show’s PSL enlivened configuration, were at the center of attention yesterday with some intriguing verbal duels that pulled in much consideration. Also, not so much for the correct reasons, may we include it.

Adnan and Sarfaraz are groups equal in the show’s numerous serious challenges, so normally, some measure of verbal tussling is normal, as occurs on the cricket pitch as well. Be that as it may, the line between whimsical to and fro and tense, brutal trades can be entirely hazy.

Confronting each other off, the Meray Paas Tum Ho on-screen character and the previous national cricket crew commander appeared to get into some unpredictable trades, with Adnan Siddiqui venturing to ‘mock’ Sarfaraz’s faltering, as per the criticism from online life.

The entire undertaking set microblogging stage Twitter ablaze, with Adnan Siddiqui being the top national pattern for a long while on Wednesday. Twitteratis got out what they felt was an unseemly method to manage a discourse inability, utilizing terms, for example, ‘inhumane’ and ‘appalling.’

Some caused to notice Adnan’s ongoing conciliatory sentiment over what he felt were remarks made in poor taste by Amir Liaqat, on another show, and others decided to communicate their disappointment vociferously.

Some were very irate and shocked…

The scheme scholars made a point to include their feedback.

A few even chose to wax rationally…

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