ARY News Office Islamabad shut after Coronavirus flare-up

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan: The ARY News Office in Islamabad has been closed in the midst of the flare-up of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) flare-up among the workers, the President and CEO of ARY Digital Network Salman Iqbal said.

In a twitter proclamation on Monday, Salman Iqbal revealed that the activity has been taken as a prudent step.

Pakistan has revealed a sharp increment in various coronavirus patients with 700 new cases and 12 passings on the second day of Ramadan.

The ARY CEO said that random testing of 20 workers was directed at the Islamabad Office which discovered that eight of them had built up the Coronavirus while two had indications too.

As the nation was at that point catching to battle coronavirus spread, the opening of mosques to offer congregational petitions and straightforwardness in lockdown during Ramadan has additionally disintegrated the circumstance, as indicated by specialists.


Salman Iqbal said that following the outcomes, presently the Office has been closed down, and all the workers have been approached to remain at home.

The Pakistan Medical Association (PMA) has additionally called for the severe implementation of the lockdown to forestall gatherings of different sorts to contain the spread of COVID-19 pandemic. Tending to a question and answer session on Monday, agents of the PMA including President Dr. Abdul Wahid Abbasi, Dr. Muhammad Usaman Mako, Dr. Zulifqar Soomro. Dr. Iftikhar Shah, called upon the legislature to include (in its team) wellbeing specialists from open part clinical colleges/medical clinics and associations of specialists effectively battling the destructive infection.

Besides, Salman iqbal said that all Staff Members will be tested for the Coronavirus, and meanwhile, the Office will be sanitized too.

“We stayed silent and were keeping away from to offer our input as the administration was finding a way to spare the nation from destructive impacts of coronavirus, however now the cases are in thousands which is disturbing,” they said. Featuring the holes in the administration system on Covid-19 and sharing recommendations, they said the legislature must reflect why the quantities of coronavirus cases were developing notwithstanding the lockdown, revealed APP.

Then, the all-out count of affirmed coronavirus cases has expanded to 13328 on Monday morning with 281 announced passings and 3029 recuperations. Punjab remains the most noticeably awful hit with 5446 cases followed by Sindh 5615, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa 1864, Gilgit Baltistan 318, Islamabad 245, and Pakistan Administered Kashmir with 59 cases.

You can see the real time COVID-19 stats in Pakistan here: