Carryminati Is Happiest After Tiktok India Getting Banned

Ajay Nagar aka carryminati is trending in India as the government of India decided to ban TikTok India as the war between India and China recently is getting worse day by day and to protect the sovereignty of the nation, the government has decided to ban all the 59 apps of China which includes the most trending app Tik Tok as well.

Just a month ago Ajay Nagar who has almost 23 million subscribers on YouTube posted video YouTube vs Tik Tok and it received such a immense response that Tik Tok India lost his ranking worldwide.

His video got so viral that Nagar almost has 6 million followers on Instagram which is no less.

Tiktok india
Tik Tok VS YouTube

Tweets On TikTok India Getting Ban:

And now after the news of Tik Tok India getting ban in India, Carryminati is trending again. As the memes game is really strong all over the world this time twitter is hilariously flooding with tweets.

Ashish Chanchlani famous content creator of India tweeted:

Some made really funny memes on TikTok India getting banned :

Some of them couldn’t control there laugh on the present incident:

Most of them thinks he is the happiest right now:

Some more hilarious tweets:

Some of them took it as a Karma:

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