Child Pornography & dark webs in Pakistan


Does child brutal murders after molestation in Pakistan have any link with child pornography and Dark webs? This question arose in 2018 after the sorrowful incident happened that is remembered as Zainab Case. At that time, Shahid Masood came forward for this serious issue but failed in providing proof, but now we all know the answer that shivers down our spines. In November of last year, Rawalpindi police arrested the mastermind of child porn ring that operates on Dark web, ironically, he also worked in NGO “Save the children”.

Before explaining more evidence, first, we must know what is the dark web. The dark web is used in order to remain anonymous online but unfortunately, it is mostly used by criminals because it guarantees their anonymity and security and allows them to collaborate in a way that does not expose them in terms of what is sold in that anonymous world. It can access through TOR stands for “The Onion Router.” One can find there weapons and drug business, hiring serial killers, violent child pornography and a lot more heinous crimes by logging in via cryptocurrency.

The dark web secured the users by the anonymity that’s why it’s hard to trace them and this is benefiting the criminals. It is providing videos as well as live streaming of violent child pornography and even murders of them in return for a great deal of money. Behind child pornography, there is an international mafia that finds vulnerable people who can work for them. Sohail Ayaz who was arrested last year was also a member of the foreign mafia. In Pakistan, no. of cases of child rapes followed by murder is increasing and Punjab seems the hub of this horrendous crime.

There are many factors why people watch child pornography or attempt children rapes, so we need to understand the criminology behind this. First is the paedophile; people who are attracted to children, these people rape children for their instant gratification. Then pornography that is also banned in Pakistan plays a crucial role, people who watch porn on a daily basis need something new when porn stop fascinating them anymore so child porn is a unique temptation for them. People who are a part of child pornography mostly do this for money rather than lust and are usually from a poor country, as low socio-economic factor opens gates to the new world of crime.

It’s impossible to absolutely terminate this crime in Pakistan but at least try to reduce it by taking several measures. Like Cyber security should play their responsibilities more strictly. Since we have one of the best intelligence, they should undercover and access location on Deep Web and utilise detective skills by disguising as one of the child abusers and track child molesters through socializing and then raid them. Child’s Play, Play Pen, Red Room and Hurt 2 core are some of the busted violent pornographic websites that operated on the Dark Web.

We should also keep a check on our kid’s activities, especially their internet history. Nowadays, clear web is also not safe for teenagers, they don’t even know the right use of it. And these things start with porn and then leads to dark webs, as there is no end of the lust if we don’t know how to control ourselves or temptations.

This is the need of an hour that the government should take actions for this atrocious crime. Civilians must demand the public hanging or extreme punishment of culprit so another person would think twice before committing such crimes.

May Allah protect our kids and guide everyone to be a better person.