‘Ertugrul’ stars moral policed by Pakistani fans over Instagram pictures


Ertugrul, an immensely mainstream Turkish TV serial, has advanced toward Pakistani screens at the command of Prime Minister Imran Khan.

Broadcasted each night at 9:10 pm on a local TV channel, the serial ‘Ertugrul’ appears to have hit a nearby spot with Pakistanis and has piled on its own, immense, fan following.

Be that as it may, the fan fixation on the show’s on-screen characters of Ertugrul appears to have taken a trip for the more terrible; screenshots from the Instagram profile of the on-screen character who plays Halima Sultan on the show, Esra Bilgiç, uncovered the dull, though humorous, side of Pakistani fans as they went on to constantly moral police her on her apparel and stances.

Halime Sultan

The image inspired remarks like ‘For what reason are some Turkish and Pakistani on-screen characters following Western culture?‘ and ‘I hate you after seeing this image Halima Sultan.’

That is not all, many even compared her on-screen persona to something that they anticipated from her, in actuality. The ‘modest and respectable’ woman figure of speech was rehashed, inferring that that is the manner by which she should lead her life.

Comments of fans

There were likewise long sections about how she ought to copy the character she played on screen and that she glanced much preferable in twelfth-century clothing over the ‘western’ garments she wears in her own life. The inconceivability of which is clearly lost on a large number of the commentators.

'Ertugrul' stars moral policed by Pakistani fans over Instagram pictures

Shockingly, Esra isn’t the one in particular who got a whirlwind of such remarks. The on-screen character who plays Ertugrul Ghazi, Engin Altan Duzyatan, likewise got comparable remarks, however, they weren’t bound to how he spruced up – they concentrated on his pet dog, with individuals revealing to him how, as a Muslim, he shouldn’t have a dog as a pet.

'Ertugrul' stars moral policed by Pakistani fans over Instagram pictures

While user’razy.ahmed’ backpedaled on his remark to infer that he was kidding, the intention in the backtracking was pointed towards the backfire he got. “

Hopefully that our people understand that entertainers are real individuals, all things considered, and can’t and don’t need to imitate the characters they play on-screen.