Faizan Ahmed Khan: Who is he? The new face of Drama industry?

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Lollywood is filled with immense talent and brilliant faces. One of them is Faizan Ahmed Khan, “who is he?” you ask! Every day, we see about 2 to 3 new and fresh faces on the screen who showcase their skills with utter brilliance. One of them is Faizan Ahmed Khan. Keep reading to know more about the talented actor.

who is he?
Faizan alognside Azekah Daniel


The 39-year-old has been appearing on TV since 2016, first gracing our screens in the TV Drama Mohe Piya Rang Laga alongside faces like Rida Isphahani and Uroosa Bilal. His most recent project “Dunk” is being watched and loved by millions too!

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Faizan Ahmed Khan: Who is he? The new face of Drama industry?

He also recently answered some questions in a short interview with SPPK. Let’s see how and what made Faizan become an actor and learn more about “who is he?”

1- As an actor what does success mean to you?

Faizan told us that success and planning all belong to the Almighty and he is the one who gets us anywhere. We should always keep trying and never give up, furthermore, we should always try and learn new things from new people to get where we want in life.

Faizan Ahmed Khan: Who is he? The new face of Drama industry?

2- The most inspiring figure from the industry?

Faizan told us that he gets inspired by a lot of veteran actors which include Rahat Kazmi, Moin Akhtar, Shafi Muhammad (Late), Qazi Wajid, and he also included a lot of recent faces of the industry such as Saba Qamar, Sara Khan, Humayun Saeed, and even Fahad Mustafa.

Faizan Ahmed Khan: Who is he? The new face of Drama industry?

3 – Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

Faizan answered that he had been trying for 10-12 years before he was offered any decent work. He hasn’t really thought about where he will be in the next 5 years as success is always planned and provided by the Almighty. And he also added that if the Almighty wants him to be successful then we shall be seeing him very triumphant too!

Faizan Ahmed Khan: Who is he? The new face of Drama industry?

4- What’s your point of view about Pakistani actresses doing bold dressing?

Faizan’s stance on these people exposing their bodies in front of the camera is that wearing revealing clothes is a very unprofessional way to gain attention and 5 minutes of fame from the people! He added that people should not be attracted to actors based on how they dress but their work should speak for itself. He even added that they look even more beautiful in Pakistani attire!

5- You did music concerts/songs as well, Why you left the music industry? What do you expect from the Drama industry now??

The actor told us that he has not really left music but he only does music alone as nobody really responded well to his music. He put it aside as he could only act or sing at a time. He started acting as he was interested in both, acting and singing.

This is it for today’s article. Keep visiting Showbiz Pakistan for more updates on celebrities, dramas, movies, and more!

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