Feroze Khan responds to rumors of his split.

The rumors of Feroze Khan’s split with his wife Alizey took social media by storm and have been buzzing for quite some time. Various outlets reported the couple has split amidst differences.
For the majority of this episode, there was no response from either side which only added more fuel to the wild speculations.

Feroze Khan

Feroze Khan’s response.

Recently, Feroze Khan has discussed these speculations in an interview in which he stated, “I think I have never spoken about my family or my family matters. I would like to keep calm and silent on this rumor because it’s my persona”
“Anything or any rumor which comes out should be through the proper source. I would like to tell people that don’t sell your religion or sincerity for a little amount of money. How can you talk about someone or something you don’t even know?”, added Feroze Khan.

Feroze Khan responds to rumors of his split

The actor chastised the people who spread these accusations and advised them to be sincereThe actor also added, “Putting a video without knowing anything will get you a few views on YouTube and a little bit of money, why sell someone’s life for that? So I think it makes no sense.”

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