Hania Amir and Ashir Wajahat’s duet.

Hania Amir and Ashir Wajahat's Duet

Hania Amir, a fashionista, a model, an actress, a beautiful human being is loved and praised by many all around Pakistan. People love her acting skills and pour their hearts out in every pcture she posts. But just recently, we discovered she is more than we mentioned. Keep reading to know what else the diva can do.

hania amir and ashir wajahat's duet

Hania Amir and Ashir Wajahat’s duet

Celebrities have all sorts of fun togehter and the public enjoys it to the most. This time the show stealer was Hania Amir and Ashir Wajahat‘s singing session that took people by surprise. Some people hated on it but it definitely took the internet by storm as Hania was seen displaying her singing skills and she is really good at it too, without a doubt.

Other than that we already know what a brillinat young talent Ashir is and we loved every bit of the duo’s singing sesh.

Ashir Wajahat

Watch these two jam in this video below.

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