Mahira says she is just like ordinary Pakistani’s

Mahita khan
Mahira khan says she is just like ordinary Pakistani's

I’m a single mother, I’m a reflection of my country

Mahira Khan

Recently a gorgeous Pakistani heartthrob actress, and a leading star of showbiz Pakistan, Mahira Khan shared a throwback of when she appeared on the BBC’s Hard Talk. She is a leading name in the Pakistan showbiz industry, with a considerable fanbase locally and internationally.

She shared her interview through her Instagram account. She further wrote I remember when I was invited for BBC Hard Talk. A lot of people told me “Be careful, best of the got choked. What if he corners you? Etc. Etc.” she further said she was nervous. The show has some ground rules. No questions were shared beforehand. You can’t know what can or can’t be asked. You don’t even get to speak to the host before the show. She further elaborated that it was hard talking.

In her interview, she talks about the pros and cons of being a single parent. She said “I’m a single mother, I’m a divorcee, I’m a reflection of my country. I’m sure I appeal to the classes as well, but I believe I appeal to the masses of my country. How is it possible that I appeal to the masses if I am so different from them?”

She also talks about women empowerment and feminism in her interview.

She also talks about her Pakistani movie “Verna” directed by Shoaib Mansoor. Verna is a Pakistani social drama film, which is written, directed and produced by Shoaib Mansoor. It was released in 2017. It was all about the problems women are facing. Especially from under privilege areas who suffer more form these kinds of violence. It may be in the form of domestic violence or harassment in different work areas etc.

She also talks about extremists and the problem actors are facing due to it.

Lastly, she wrote on a post, Thank you, BBC Hard Talk and Stephan Sacker for having me. She also wrote that it was a pleasure and a real test of my nerves.