Pakistanis love Money Heist’s Pakistan Connection, Twitter Reacts

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Pakistanis love Money Heist's Pakistan Connection, Twitter Reacts

If you haven’t started watching the fourth season of Money Heist on Netflix, then look away now because there will be spoilers.

The fourth series of the hit Spanish television series, Money Heist, has taken the internet by storm. It was released on Netflix on Friday.

Money Heist started from the brain behind the operation, The Professor, thinking about his beloved, Raquel Murillo has been executed by the police. Meanwhile, the situation inside the Bank of Spain is also tense as Nairobi has taken a sniper shot through the window.

Professor has hired this time, a Pakistani doctor who virtually assists Nairobi’s surgery. Dr Ahmed, a surgeon from Islamabad, guides Tokyo to remove the bullet from Nairobi’s body to save her life. He has to do this before the Spanish Police gets to know about the communication from inside the bank to the outside. Tokyo does the physical work as Dr Ahmed guides her on what to do via Webcam.

Season 4 has glued people to Netflix. There’s just so much going on that you can’t help but keep watching. Professor agrees to be the father of Nairobi’s child. Raquel is ready to betray the professor. Tokyo is in charge of the heist. Palermo sets the most hostile hostage free and much more.

Just as last time, the Money Heist’s Pakistan connection has also got everyone talking on social media.

On the other hand, the Pakistani hackers hired by the professor are still carrying out essential tasks for him during season 4.

If you haven’t seen the show yet, we suggest you to get to it right away.