Nadia Jamil starring in Damsa; drama on child trafficking


After a long break of 2 years Nadia Jamil – a TV star and social activist – is back to lead in another drama called ‘Damsa’. The teasers for this are already being shown on ARY digital every now and then. Directed by Najaf Bilgrami and penned by Asma Nabeel who has previously highlighted social issues in many of her scripts.

Child trafficking is the action or practice of illegally procuring and shipping children, typically for the purposes of forced labour or sexual exploitation. This evil act is more frequent in South Asian Nations like Pakistan, India and Bangladesh. Many people are unknown to this horrendous crime. The purpose of this drama serial ‘Damsa’ is to bring light upon this issue. Moreover, it also portrays the sufferings of parents of those children who are victim to this heinous practice.

The teasers show the distressing story of a mother, Areeja, a nurse by profession, and how her life turns upside down when her daughter, Damsa, is kidnapped right infront of her eyes and falls victim to this racket of child trafficking.

The characters other than Nadia Jamil includes Emaan Khan as Damsa, Shahood Alvi as her father and Saleem Mairaj as the member of the child trafficking ring.

The cast, acting and most importantly the story line looks very promising and we can’t wait till the drama is finally on our screens.