Pakistani female student invented Smart shoes for blind community


As Pakistan is suffering from a socioeconomic factor but still not lacking any talent. A girl from Government college university Faisalabad, Shanza Munir makes history by inventing a smart shoe that can help visually challenged individuals.

In an interview given to a local tv channel Shanza says that there were many project ideas offered to her but she opted this smart shoe idea as she wanted to help those individuals who are part of the blind community.

Pakistani female student invented Smart shoes for blind community

Further, the provides details regarding her smart shoe that it carries an On/Of button which when activated gives a warm welcome to one wearing it. Once you wear this smart shoe any obstacle within 200 cm radius is automatically generates a message that vibrates the shoe which can help the wearer to avoid any damage

While Shanza says that it was it an easy task many problems came in her way and biggest one was its cost of manufacturing that was around 10 to 12 thousand Pakistani RS, however, she is pretty confident that if her idea is taken seriously and produce over a large scale its cost of manufacturing will certainly get reduce.

We believe that if we as a community invest in such creative ideas and innovations we can soon or later get over all our socio-economic crises. As it’s a famous saying

                      “Alone I can go fast but together we can go far”