Zubab Rana – a new victim of social media crimes!

zubab rana

Beautiful and renowned actress and model – Zubab Rana fell victim cuber criminals. Some fake accounts, pretending to be Zubab Rana, contacted her colleagues and friends.

Hello fans, this is to inform you all that it's my official and only facebook account, I'm not an active user and since…

Posted by Zubab Rana on Monday, February 17, 2020
Zubab Rana updated her status to aware her fans!

This created a fuss and great confusion.

Now, Zubab Rana says that she has only one social media account and that no other accounts are real! She has one account on Facebook.

Zubab said she only uses Facebook and that as well seldom. She asked people not to give attention to any of the fake accounts on Facebook or other social media platforms.