Pakistani Scientist invents first eco-friendly aircraft

PakistaniScientistinventsfirsteco friendlyaircraft
Pakistani Scientist invents first eco-friendly aircraft

Another Pakistani female Dr Sara Qureshi steals the show by inventing the world’s first eco-friendly aircraft.

The Aerospace engineer Dr Sarah is the daughter of a renowned Physicist and Scientist. She also has an honour of the first female Mechanical Engineering graduate of NUST of 2011 and then did her PhD from Cranfield University.

Pakistani Scientist invents first eco-friendly aircraft
Dr Qureshi working with her father

The eco-friendly aircraft help in reducing global warming and air pollution that is caused by the “contrail phenomenon” of commercial aircraft engines which is very harmful to Earth. it is also comprised of a pressure-based condensation system that will create artificial rain once the water vapours are cooled.

”Unless you have a confirmed ticket to the red planet, which does not have a livable atmosphere, Earth is the best and must be saved”

Dr Sarah Qureshi

She is working on this project for 2 years and now it is ready to launch in the latter half of 2020. She accomplished that no one ever achieved in this field so far. she set a great example for girls, recently a female Pakistani scientist invented the sewing machine for visually impaired people. Pakistan is surely blessed with a great talent that is trying hard to help the world.

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