5 Pakistani actresses that are Non Muslim

5 Pakistani Actresses that are non muslim

The lollywood industry is quite diverse in every aspect. You will find talent from every religion who showcase their skills pretty marvelously. So today, lets countdown our list of 5 marvelous Non Muslim Pakistani actresses. Let’s go!

5 Pakistani actresses that are Non Muslim!

1- Sunita Marshall

Number 1 on our list is Sunita Marshall. Marshall is famous Pakistani actress and model who has worked on several big projects and her most famous role was on the ARY drama “Mera Saeein”. She is a non Muslim belonging to the Christian community but she married a muslim actor Hassan Ahmed.

5 Pakistani actresses that are non muslim

2- Zoe Viccaji

Zoe Viccaji, an amazing singer that started her career as a backing vocalist for Coke Studio and later becaming a featured artist for the team is also a non Muslim. She has been singing and writing her own songs since she was 15 years old! And she is truly amazing at what she does.

5 Pakistani actresses that are Non Muslim

3- Nirmal Roy

Another young talent that made her name through Coke Studio is Nirmal Roy. She is a Lahore born Christian who started her singing career at the age of 12. She has won many music competitions on a national level.

5 Pakistani actresses that are Non Muslim

4- Benita David

A Pakistani born actress, Benita David did several small roles in TV dramas, her most prominent role is in the drama Bulbullay. She also has hosted morning shows a few times.

5 Pakistani actresses that are Non Muslim

5- Rachel Viccaji

Rachel Viccaji is a Pakistani actress and singer that is the young sister of Zoe Viccaji. She appeared in Coke Studio and also had small roles in Pakistani movies like “Parey Hut Love” and “Parwaz Hai Junoon”. Little Viccaji is a non Muslim and she is one of the 5 Pakistani actresses.

5 Pakistani actresses that are Non Muslim

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