9 Times Mehwish Hayat Rocking Blue Color

Mehwish Hayat is known for always keeping up with the trends. We have seen so many times in which Mehwish Hayat rocking the outfit with the full potential. Whether its eastern, western, makeup looks, or risky outfits she always carries herself gracefully. Talking about Mehwish Hayat she is always active on social media and always gram her outfits religiously in which we noticed that she never fails to slay the color blue. While going through her all the looks we found one thing common among her most of the outfits and that color blue. Seems like Blue color is her now!

Recently, the actress posted on Instagram sharing the news with her followers that her famous drama “Dil Lagi” opposite to Humayun Saeed is on repeat and if you have missed it then we kid you not watch it. It is one of the best Pakistani dramas ever.


Mehwish Hayat Rocking Western Outfits:

Here are some of our favorite blue outfits of Mehwish Hayat which we really loved and wanted to share with you guys as well. So, enjoy watching them:

Denim On Denim:

Denim on denim is never a bad idea and we think no one can wear it better than her as Mehwish Hayat rocking this one. Over here she looks extremely beautiful and we think blue is definitely her color.

mehwish hayat rocking

Casual Blue T-shirt:

In this picture the actress is looking smiles as it really seems to be the casual outfit and this shade of blue looks very relieving. Not forgetting Mehwish Hayat’s rocking this no-makeup make-up look.

mehwish hayat rocking color blue

Blue High Neck:

High-necks are never too off and Mehwish Hayat rocking this shirt style as well. And this season where we all are waiting for winters this pictures has to be our favorite. What we look like more in this picture is how Mehwish Hayat is promoting yoga and normalizing it.

Cozy Light Blue Shirt:

Mehwish Hayat rocking this summer look and the touch of sunglasses made us adore this picture even more. We love the light-blue shade of this T-shirt and this one is definitely look amazing on her.

blue color

Comfy Blue Sweatshirt:

We love this comfy giving vibes picture of Mehwish Hayat in which she is wearing blue hoodie or a sweatshirt with coffee in her hands. We just can’t wait for winters and wear this look.

9 Times Mehwish Hayat Rocking Blue Color

Denim Jumpsuit:

Jumpsuits look always hot on everyone. No matter what occasion it is but this denim one wore by Mehwish Hayat is really pleasing to the eyes. With different looks she really does proves her fashion game is 10 on 10.

9 Times Mehwish Hayat Rocking Blue Color

Blue Airport Look:

This blue color jackets definely makes us all wants to have it in our wardrobe. Apart, from that love how she has paired this blue jacket with all black. But over here attention is also gained by this husky as well.  Mehwish Hayat’s rocking this look no doubt!

9 Times Mehwish Hayat Rocking Blue Color

Mehwish Hayat Rocking Desi Blue Dresses:

Not just western but multiple time Mehwish Hayat rocks the color blue in eastern – desi dresses as well. This only proves that all in all Mahwish Hayat can go with any trend.

Gorgeous Navy Blue Lehenga:

This gorgeous Blue Lehenga is to die for. She is looking stunning in this and this dress can be shadi inspo for you guys as wedding season is almost here. So, keep your eyes on this one guys.

mehwish hayat rocking

Stunning Light Blue Desi Dress:

This blue is cooling and this desi dress is hot which means Mehwish Hayat knows how to carry the opposite combination as well. Really like her hair in this picture as well.  

9 Times Mehwish Hayat Rocking Blue Color

These were some of the dresses in which Mehwish Hayat rocking the color blue. do tell us which one is your favorite among the above mentioned?