Ayesha Omar responds to trolls on social media.

Ayesha Omar is among the most talented and recognizable faces of the entertainment industry.
Having contributed to the industry for over 2 decades, the artist is a well-established household name.
Being one of the most sought actresses of the industry, Ayesha Omar is seen endorsing different brands ranging from clothing to other notable brands.

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Ayesha Omar and the social media.

Recently, the actress responded to her critics when she was slammed for wearing a bold dress for the Lux 2020 awards.

Ayesha Omar responds to trolls on social media.

Answering one of the comments she said, “My humble two bits on this: I’m not promoting/asking/urging women to expose or not expose their bodies. That is their own choice, as wearing this dress was mine. As wearing whatever you want, is yours.”
The answer was when a user commented on her picture, “If she is promoting women to expose more of their body (via such clothes), then that’s surely not ‘women empowerment’, such a misquoted term.”

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