Hania Amir Lip Fillers: Truth behind it

Hania Aamir has landed in hot waters for posting a picture with an Instagram filter. As absurd as it may be, people think she’s gotten lip fillers and has made it their mission to condemn the act.

Hania amir lip fillers – The Truth :

These filters are ubiquitous and famous on Instagram nowadays. Instagram has a wide range of filters to choose from, and most are designed to change your face shape. This is also one of those that pinch your nose and makes your lips bigger— is using a filter a crime?

Hania amir lip fillers – Public Reaction :

Hania amir lip fillers

When we went through the comments section we realized that public isn’t happy with the changes she made in her face. Let’s have a look what public has to say about Hania Aamir’s lip fillers

Hania Amir Lip Fillers: Truth behind it