Mehwish Hayat criticizes for littering Islamabad

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Out of so many matters we think littering is one of the biggest issues in Pakistan and also it creates a worst impression of Pakistan internationally. The “Punjab nahi jaungi” lead actress Mehwish Hayat is one of the activists on Twitter, you’ll always find her tweeting over the current situations whether it’s controversial or not. And this time the actresses had raised the topic of littering in Margalla Hills, Islamabad.


Well, Twitter verified account Imran Ghazali tweeted in which he dropped a video shaming out the Pakistanis for making a mess in one of the beautiful attractions in Pakistan. He also requested all of us in a very polite manner that “whoever goes to Margalla Hills please make sure that they keep the hills clean and tidy. He also got really sad seeing this much pollution in such ravishing place.

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To which Mehwish Hayat retweeted and uttered she loves to go to Margalla Hills and always gets saddened to see this much scrap and dirty environment that Islambadis has created. She also questioned us that is this is the impression we want to create on the tourists by totally ruining our natural beauty by littering.

And we couldn’t agree more with her, she is absolutely right! We as should be making efforts to make our natural beauties look more appealing rather then creating a mess in it. Not just in Margalla Hills we Pakistani has been doing this in northern areas of Pakistan as well. As a Pakistani it is our responsibility to make our tourists attractions look more presentable just by playing our role.

Mehwish Hayat criticizes for littering Islamabad

Apart from that, a lot twitteraties see eye to eye with Mehwish Hayat.

Me_Chandra_2020 replied:

Whereas, DrZAhid Mahmood replied saying it’s equally Governments responsibility as well:

We hope there comes a time when we see Pakistan as a less pollutant and more clean and green!

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