Mohib Mirza talks about his hilarious feature film

Mohib Mirza talks about his upcoming film,

The actor and director of the film Mohib Mirza talk about the genre, characters, etc of his upcoming film titled Ishrat- Made in China.

Earlier this month the cast of the film was revealed in exciting official posters of the film. The cast includes Mohib Mirza, Sara Loren, Sanam Saeed, Nayyar Ejaz, HSY, Shamoon Abbasi, Mani, Ali Kazmi, and Shabbir Jan.

Mohib Mirza talks about his hilarious feature film
The cast of Ishrat- Made in China.

In a recent interview, Mirza revealed that the film is based on cult-classic television show Ishrat Baaji, streamed in the year 2006. The original show was broadcasted by Aag TV, was a very demonstrative series. It was not plot-driven but character-driven.

Talking further about the film, Mirza stated that it will a breathe of fresh air for the cinema. The over the top performances, the fourth-wall-breaking is not going anywhere, Mirza assured. Fans of the original series will surely not be disappointed.

The genre of the film is action-comedy furthermore it does not contain lewd jokes, vulgarity, and dark humor which were included in previous releases.
Mirza emphasizes that his prime focus is to chronicle the journey of a character that is relatable to the youth of the present day.

Mohib Mirza talks about his hilarious feature film
The official poster- A Mohib Mirza film.

The actor is enthusiastic to deliver a film in which he hopes that the audience’s time will be well spent. Due to COVID-19 no release date is announced. Mirza stated that he is not competing with any of the films. He wants people to have a good laugh with their entire family.

If Mohib Mirza manages to deliver a clean, family comedy film, that is going to be a novelty in itself and the Pakistani entertainment industry. The cast reveal of the film was appraised and looks like they have pictured a role out of their comfort zone.

Mohib Mirza is currently the talk of the town for his acclaimed performance in drama Dushman e Jaan, aired on ARY.

Mohib Mirza talks about his hilarious feature film

We wish him all the best for his upcoming film and hope that it made big once it hit the silver screen.