Naimatullah Khan dies in Karachi today!


The famous and kindhearted, Naimatullah Khan, passed away in Karachi on 25th February 2020. He was severely ill during the last days of life and fought bravely with his disease for seven months.

He served as the first Nazim of Karachi and was the 26th mayor of Karachi. Karachi was blessed with one of its most prestigious projects during his mayorship. his master plan was the base of the modern Karachi.

During his 5 years tenure, he built 2 flyovers, 500 green buses, 32 colleges, K3 projects, 2 signal-free corridors, and the magnificent Karachi institute of heart diseases in a 43 billion budget.

Naimatullah khan was the chairperson of the Al-Khidmat foundation. He owned a degree in journalism from Punjab University and a law degree from Karachi University.

He was one of the few people in Karachi who spent a 5-year mayorship in the city and gave the best projects and development without any corruption and illegal charges.