Ali Zafar’s PSL new song and Asim Azhar remark

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With all the chaos of PSL 5 the sport-fans wants Pakistan’s favorite singer Ali Zafar to give them a spark of new PSL song in his sensational style and it seems like the waiting session is soon to be over. Ali Zafar took twitter and give a little hint about something is coming.

It all started with Waseem Badami’s poll to push the star of “seethi bajegi” PSL anthem and make him think about another high spirited PSL song purely for fans. The official anthem is not enough to convince PSL lovers.

Even Asim Azhar said he will be happy for any betterment. Positive vibes is all around the Ali Zafar version of PSL song from everywhere.

Gear up fans for new PSL song 2020 by Ali Zafar.