“Nour” Interview of Iqra Aziz Doppelganger

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Labanese Iqra Aziz Doppelganger is all over the internet!!!!!!!

It’s normal to look like a sibling or a close relative, but it’s natural to be surprised when it comes to someone overseas.

On Twitter, there are many rumors about the well-known actress Iqra Aziz Doppelganger, who also attracted the attention of Iqra Aziz’s sister and expressed surprise at such similarities.

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Iqra’s Doppelganger, Nour, is from Lebanon and is an architect.

Sidra Aziz shared Nour’s video on Twitter in which she is present with her fiance. Sidra wrote in the caption, “For a moment I thought … But no, that’s another beautiful man. “

Nour also retweeted Sedrah’s tweet, in addition to which another social media user also tagged Nour and wrote: “You look like Iqra Aziz”.

The Lebanese architect wrote in response: “I saw Iqra from Google search and she is very beautiful. Thanks for the comparison. “

In Conversation with Nour, we asked her where she lives and what does she do?

Nour: I live in Beirut, Lebanon. I’m an Architect and freelance graphic designer.

SP: How old are you?

Nour: I am turning 26 in August.

Iqra Aziz Doppelganger
"Nour" Interview of Iqra Aziz Doppelganger 1

SP: How and when do you come to know about you have resemblance with Iqra Aziz?

Nour: I posted a video on Twitter recently (as I usually do) of me and my fiance singing in the car, and it went viral. That’s when people started telling me that I resemble Iqra Aziz.

SP: How do you feel that you resembles with a talented Pakistani Actress?

Nour: I was overwhelmed and very happy that I was being compared to someone as beautiful and charming as Iqra.

"Nour" Interview of Iqra Aziz Doppelganger
"Nour" Interview of Iqra Aziz Doppelganger 2

SP: What do you think about Iqra Aziz?

Nour: From what I’ve seen so far, she’s definitely a talented actress and I noticed we have similar facial reactions and expressions. Also, I like her style and I feel like we have the same taste in several things.

SP: Do you want to meet Iqra Aziz?

Nour: Of course! I would love to meet her. I’ve always wanted to find my doppelgänger and the fact that it’s a sweetheart like Iqra makes me all the more excited.

Please let us know in the comments section what do you think about Nour’s resemblance with Iqra Aziz.

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