Shaan’s Zarrar is an exciting movie to come in 2020, trailer released!

Shaan's Zarrar is an exciting movie to come in 2020, trailer released!

In this crucial time where the country is facing a virtual lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it doesn’t come as a surprise that there’s a complete entertainment vacuum, and the people have their most attention on what films, are lined up this year.

Shaan Shahid’s upcoming film Zarrar’s trailer was released on the Pakistan Day, 23 March 2020. It couldn’t have found a more suitable release date. The sharply edited three and a half minute extended trailer with many exciting, adrenaline-filled action scenes are sure to be a hot topic for discussions in the upcoming weeks for all those follow Pakistani films.

Official trailer – Zarrar

In the trailer, we don’t see much of the storyline being revealed, although this might be an intentional move by the makers. We see Shaan playing the lead character Zarrar, who is a former ISI agent and now has to come back to the front to save the day against internal and foreign elements, which are who are hell-bent on proving Pakistan a failed state.

The synopsis does sound fresh from Pakistani cinema’s perspective as earlier the local filmmakers had focused more on the Taliban and Kashmir as the center of their story when exploring this genre. Zarrar’s palette, thus, seems expansive and more enjoyable for film lovers.

Official trailer teaser – Zarrar

The attractive supporting cast joining the Shaan includes the gorgeous Kiran Malik, who plays the role of a journalist and Shaan’s on-screen love interest alongside Nadeem Baig, playing as Zarrar’s mentor.

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The movie has also featured the ultimate Villains of Pakistani cinema, namely Shafqat Cheema and Nayyar Ijaz, in different avatars against whom Zarrar has to fight. Adnan Butt, who is making his debut with the film, plays a raw agent and looks suitably menacing.

Despite giving an overall dark and intense feel, Zarrar’s promotional video looks enthralling and slick. The background music is apt and energetic to lift up the scenes whenever needed.

The trailer is undoubtedly successful in grabbing attention. However, the real taste of Zarrar will be at cinema screens where it has to deliver on the content front to achieve the “Hit” tag. The film is critically essential for Shaan’s career after a couple of flops at the Box office.

Although no release date is announced yet, the trailer does offer hope that the film could release somewhere in 2020, depending upon how corona pandemic pans out, among other factors.

For now, enjoy the trailer in quarantine.