Zindagi Tamasha represents Pakistan in the Oscars!

Sarmad Khoosat’s film, titled ‘Zindagi Tamasha’ is selected officially to represent Pakistan at the prestigious Oscars Academy Award.

Khoosat’s controversial film stars Eman Suleman, Samiya Mumtaz, Arif Hassan, and Ali Qureshi in the lead roles. Zindagi Tamasha ought to release in January 2020, but the controversy was stirred before it was released. TLP (Tehreek-e-Labaik Party) workers vowed to hold a protest against the film, across the country, due to its storyline.

Zindagi Tamasha represents Pakistan in the Oscars!

The matter was then intervened by the Federal Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, who postponed the release until further notice. While the film’s fate is still unknown, it has now been selected as the country’s official selection, selected by Pakistan Academy Selection Committee for the 93rd Academy Awards.

On that news, Khoosat is once more extremely humbled about the selection. The director said, “All the heartache that Zindagi Tamasha gave me has somehow restored my faith in the power of art too: the sheer, almost physical power of art to make life imitate it. For me, this announcement is a very bright light shining at the end of this dark tunnel of a year. I made this film in Pakistan and foremost, for Pakistan, for my people, and the misfortune that my people have remained deprived of it weighs quite heavy on my artistic conscience.”

Zindagi Tamasha represents Pakistan in the Oscars!

“Some pride is slowly kicking in though, and no matter how far we go with this official selection, Zindagi Tamasha will be representing all of us – our ‘Pakistan.’ I feel honored on behalf of my entire team, and I am extremely grateful to the committee for finding it worthy enough,” Khoosat added.

Zindagi Tamasha represents Pakistan in the Oscars!

Soon after the announcement, industry insiders took a step forward and congratulated the film’s cast and crew on a huge milestone.

“For me, Zindagi Tamasha is the strongest submission from Pakistan since 2013,” Asim Abbasi said. “Grateful to have been on the committee and to have seen this film, memories of which still haunt me, weeks after. Kudos to Sarmad and the team”!

Singer Meesha Shafi also shared her views on Instagram, “Divine justice Mubarak ho, Sarmad. I have a feeling you are going to win. However, you are already a winner in my eyes.” Mehwish Hayat was also proud to be a part of the committee that selected the film.

The film was premiered at Busan International Film Festival in 2019, and bagged three awards too. Well, we are too happy for the selection and hope films an award. Way to go!


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